Bear-cuse post!

After a long time with only very simple cooking by the hoomans, they finally suggested a recipe that wasn’t beneath a bear chef and I agreed to support them with it.
It‘s Fregola Sarda with chestnuts and mushrooms, accompanied by a fresh winter lettuce and orange salad.
Fregola Sarda are very small round noodles, made like any pasta but then roasted to give them their unique colour and flavor. The preparation is similar to risotto, first some onions and garlic are sautéed in some olive oil. Then I added the pre-cooked and chopped chestnuts and some white wine. When the wine was almost gone, I added vegetable broth, some thyme and the Fregola and let it cook. I kept stirring and added broth when needed, until the Fregola were al dente. At the end, I added freshly grated Gruyère cheese to make the dish creamy and smooth.
While the Fregola cooked, I sautéed the mushrooms in some olive oil, added honey, old balsamic vinegar and some thyme as well as salt and pepper. For the salad, I supervised the original hooman‘s filetting of an orange (can‘t have orange juice stains on my paws!), prepared some winter lettuce and made a vinaigrette from orange juice, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard and salt and pepper. I served the salad with the orange fillets and the Fregola with the mushrooms on top. It was a wonderful dish, a bit different from what we usually make. Therefore I want to draw the attention of @lunabott to this unusual recipe from Sardegna, for #plushielovestoeat 
Enjoy, there’s enough for everyone!
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