I was at the cinema!
The hoomans and I decided to watch Dune 2. This is the second part of a remake of the 1984 classic. The movies of this newer version are very long (this one is almost 3 hours) and have really really great special effects, sounds and scenery.
To get back into the story, we watched Dune 1 at home the night before. This is highly recommended, the second part is not a standalone story.
Then we went to the cinema and bought – of course – snackies! We had crunchy warm nachos with 3 different sauces and alcohol-free beers.
We found our seats and sat down to enjoy the movie and the snackies. What you don’t see in the photos is that Roman, our little mammoth, had sneaked into the original hooman’s coat and watched the movie as well! I couldn’t believe it when I suddenly found him beside me! But it was good he was there, so we could snuggle up together during the more frightening moments.
Do you like to go to the cinema or do you think this is an old-fashioned, out of date concept?
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