St.Pauli, Hamburg

On the Friday evening we did a guided tour through St.Pauli, Hamburg‘s red light and party district.
Our guide went along the #landungsbrücken again and we even saw a cruise ship leave the port. I really like this photo, and I thought it might be a good start into the more „exciting“ part of St. Pauli. 
In case we have underage plushies present, now it’s the time to move on! 

There is so much to see! We entered the party district and the first thing we saw was a fast food joint called Scharfe Ecke (hot corner, a double meaning if I ever saw one!). We passed the gate to the red light district, the Herbertstraße. Neither women visitors nor underage hoomans nor plushies are allowed in here, so we moved on. We saw so many bars but I want to tell you a bit about the one called Ritze.
It’s a boxing club underneath a bar. Formerly, every famous boxer did fights in there, Muhammad Ali, the Klitschko brothers and Mike Tyson (there is even a statue of the latter in that basement!), even before they got famous. The walls are covered in boxing posters, and boxers train there still to this day. The logo of the place might seem a bit… well, but in St. Pauli, boxing and sex work used to be controlled by the same criminals. In the 80‘s, there were gang wars over these lucrative businesses, and even a big St.Pauli pimp was shot to death in the Ritze.
After our visit there, we continued on to the famous street Große Freiheit (great freedom), where there are more bars and clubs, among them the famous one belonging to Olivia Jones, the well-known drag queen. The street has its name from the fact that it was once upon a time right on the city limit and belonged to Denmark. That meant different rules, freedom of religion, trade and guild, which the citizens of Hamburg didn’t have for a long time to come, hence the name of the street.
It was a super instructive and entertaining tour, I hope you enjoyed it, too!
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