Château de Losse

On our very first bike tour here in France (yes, normal touring bikes, need to keep the hoomans fit!) we found a beautiful château and decided spontaneously to go there and visit.
It’s called Château de Losse and was once a fortress before it became the property of Jean II de Losse who changed it into a Renaissance castle. 
The gardens are all very formal, with geometrically cut hedges, as was the custom in the Renaissance time, when people tried to excercise control over nature. But they are very very beautiful all the same! 
Inside the castle we saw antique furniture, again in keeping with the times. We also wrote a greeting into the visitors’ book of course.
There was a huge fireplace and a nicely laid table in one room, so I sat down expectantly but nobody arrived to serve me any food. Dommage! 
It was still a beautiful place to discover and a great bike destination. More to come!
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