visit Grandpa Bear

We went to visit Grandpa Bear in #ludwigsburg 
He took us for a wonderful dinner to a traditional Schwabian restaurant called „Post Cantz“. It seems to be in the same place where there was the post office in former times. They even have artwork on their walls picturing the historic stagecoach, a way for people to travel and distribute the post at the same time.
We had scrumptious dinner, there was slowly braised beef with potato purée (Littlebear nearly did a nosedive into it when he saw the creamy purée!), some deer with the ubiquitous Spaetzle noodles and even a specialty called Sauerbraten, which is beef marinated for days in vinegar and spices and then slowly cooked. Of course, as is the custom with Schwabian dishes, there was sauce aplenty as well! We also had delicious fresh salads as sides. It was a scrumptious meal and we were very happy to get together with Grandpa Bear again, hadn’t seen him since Christmas!
I also want to use this opportunity to officially introduce Grandpa Bear to you all for #humphreysfamilyfridays hosted by @humphreystravels