We went for a comedy evening with a local comedian duo, who are speaking in Hessian dialect and impersonating and overegging different characters during the show, sometimes so much exaggerated it‘s painful.
When I arrived, I saw signs on a row of chairs that said „reserved“. Hmmm…. regularly, you can’t reserve any seats in this venue, so these guys must be VIPs of some sort. Since I am a VIP in my own right, I test-sat one of the reserved seats- #plushiesbreakingrules !
Later though I thought it was more fun to sit with the photographer, the original hooman and Dottie, and I enjoyed the show on our own seats.
After the show, we went to the merchandising stall where the two comedians were giving autographs. I had my photo taken with them of course. They almost wrote their autograph onto me with their edding pencil but the photographer rescued me in time!
An exciting evening all around!
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