Rheingau II

After my wine tasting in those Royal environments, we went to a very pretty place called #eltville_am_rhein . It’s quite near Oestrich-Winkel where we tasted the wine.
Eltville is located on the river Rhine and has a very pretty old town. It’s also well known for the nearby winery #klostereberbach which is located in the monastery where the Film „The Name of the Rose“ was produced. Some of you might remember my visit there a few months ago. 
We sat down near the river in Eltville and had a nice snackie. We ordered local specialties: Spundekäs (a creamy concoction of different cheeses and butter, seasoned with red bell pepper powder), Rheingau tapas (small portions of local dishes, arranged like a plate of Spanish tapas) and a nice salad with aromatic goat‘s cheese, all accompanied by nice sourdough bread and – of course- more wine, the local Riesling and Pinot Grigio. It was a wonderful snackie, I got to taste a bite of everything and it was all delicious.
As a nice surprise, the voluntary firefighters had a parade and allowed me to walk with them for a few steps. Don’t they look smashing?
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