Visit to Schloss (castle) Reinhartshausen

We went to Schloss (castle) Reinhartshausen. When we arrived we were greeted outdoors by the host and received a nice warm mulled wine. While we had it he introduced the winery. He is the landlord of the restaurant and the wineyard is looked after by a family-owned winemaker who gives the wine to the restaurant to sell. There is also a hotel next door but it was closed for refurbishment when we were there. I heard that meanwhile it’s the temporary home of 200 Ukranian refugees. ❤️
When we went inside, we received 2 different wines and saw a presentation about the history of the castle. This is also one of he oldest Riesling wineries, in operation since the 17th century.
A specialty here is that they have a wineyard on an island in the river Rhine that has such a warm micro climate that they can grow Chardonnay there, like in the Champagne in France. The island is called Mariannenaue and the grapes from there are made into beary special wines. On the island there are also many birds and deer ( the latter being served also in the restaurant) that find ideal conditions there to thrive. 
We then went into the restaurant itself to have a very nice lunch with regional specialties. The wine shop was directly attached to the restaurant so we had a look around and bought some nice wine, too. They also have special kinds of hard liquors and candied black walnuts which are a nice specialty to add to sweet desserts. A very nice place and a super friendly, generous and knowledgeable host! We‘ll be back.
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